A downloadable experience for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Walk is an atmospheric walking simulator. It has a few small areas for the player to explore and currently not much else.

Walk was originally the sequel to my game Through the static, which was a Scratch game I made for the 2019 Scratch Jam and was the sequel to the first Scratch game I ever made, Water Game. I originally decided that this would be a sequel after playing my old Scratch games again, and saw that I had made an incomplete story, which had ended with a simple 'To be Continued...'. Unfortunately, I realised that trying to make a sequel to a game made on a different software was much harder than I thought it would be, so it became an experiment to see what would scare or at least unsettle people.

The Mac and Linux versions of Walk are untested, and may not work correctly.

Install instructions

Download and extract the zipped file and then run the executable. If you are on Mac or Linux, I think it's the same, or at least similar.


Walk 0.0.8 Windows x64 (2020 Jam Version) 84 MB
Walk 0.0.8 Mac (Untested 2020 Jam Version) 85 MB
Walk 0.0.8 Linux (Untested 2020 Jam Version) 85 MB

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Pretty excited for the new update.

Nice game :)



pretty scary keep it up

Thanks! Find any bugs or problems?